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Facilities & Infrastructure

Glowing Keyboard

Computer Centre

Computers are used in the School Education to improve thequality of education and Learning outcomes. The School Computer Centre has 40 computers with Internet connection. The Children from the Primary to Higher Secondary Classes Learn basic of Computer which include Painting, Word Documents, Excel in Higher Classes that Students are learning Programming Language, HTML and Java.


Smart Classes

Visual learning Concepts are form of smart classes provided to enhance learning capabilities of Students. It is a solution designed to help Teachers in meeting will the New Challenges and developing Students abilities are all performance of the Students of KG to IX standard. The Traditional Chalk-Talk Method is complemented using Smart boards where Students learn through computers. This innovative methodology of teaching and learning keep track of the child’s progress and enhances comprehending ability through vision rather than rote learning.  

Colorful Books


The School library has more than 5500 volumes. The Library has Dictionaries, Thesaurus and Encyclopaedia of all Ages. The school has rich Collection of books. The School Library also have some of the best Tamil Classic Books.

First Aid Kit

Mini Health Centre

Our School has Mini Health centre inside the campus. The health centre has qualified Doctor and a Nurse to give first aid to Students and to attend the Students in case of any Emergency.


Science Lab

The School has elaborate lab facilities with latest Equipment. Understanding concepts in science is achieved through hands on experience.  

Educational Toys

STEM Centre

It is very effective for Students to learn their curriculum in a fun nd engaging way. We have lots of small experiment apparatus nd instruments to learn Science and Mathematics for themiddle and High School Students.The STEM, Mini Science Centre is set up to Educate Students n Science and Mathematics some of the Concepts on the laws and all Principles are so intricate that they can’t be explained by Conventional chalk and board method.  

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